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If you’re new to the blog, I want to thank you for stopping by NRJS. But I also apologize for stepping away from the blogging scene (temporarily). If you’re an avid reader, I truly thank you for your support, but also apologize for this hiatus. So much has happened in the past few months, and I need to take some time to nurture these areas of my life. I will continue to read your posts, and follow you via social media.

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EDITOR’S INSIGHT| The Truth About Juicing

Truth About Juicing

If you’ve read my last post (here), you know that I’ve been on the juicing bandwagon for a little while. Although juicing has many benefits, there are some cons. If you’re juicing, then this post is probably not news to you. However, if you’re thinking about juicing, here are some tidbits I’d like to share. Please note, I’m not a licensed physician or nutritionist. I’m just sharing my experience.

WHY AM I GAINING WEIGHT? Everyone has different reasons for juicing. It could be due to your health, to increase your vitamin intake, or to lose weight. If your goal is to lose weight, you may be surprised if you gain weight. It’s important to have a balance between fruits and vegetables when juicing. Keep in my mind that fruits contain sugar. So the more fruit you consume, the more sugar you’re adding to your diet. In no way am I deterring anyone from consuming fruit. Just be mindful of how much fruit you’re taking in. Don’t forget the vegetables!! 

WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? Selecting fruits/vegetables can be tricky. Be sure of what you’re purchasing. If you have a garden or access to one, that’s even better. If not, be careful with store bought produce. Know how and where your fruit/vegetables are grown. Being unaware of what you’re putting into your body defeats the purpose of juicing for your health. If it looks like a cucumber and feels like a cucumber, it might not be an organic cucumber.

WHY AM I SO THIRSTY? “Drink plenty of water!” I’ve heard this many times before. But I didn’t know juicing can dehydrate your body.  Although juicing is part of the detoxification process, water is also needed to flush out toxins.

Since we’re all different (living environment, habits, weight), the recommended water consumption will also differ. Simply take your weight (in pounds) and divide the number in half to determine the amount of water (in ounces) you should consume daily. Those living in dryer/warmer areas may need to increase the water consumption.

WHY AM I SO TIRED? When you first start juicing, you may experience some symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness. Your body may be trying to adjust to your new regimen. Think about everything you’ve put in your system up until you started juicing. At one point, it felt like I was on my death bed. Yep! That’s how I felt. My body was lacking hydration and going through sugar withdrawal and other substances (ex: caffeine, pastries). But after a few weeks of sticking with this process, my body started to adjust to the dietary changes.

If you experience similar symptoms, but you think there’s something more serious, do not hesitate to contact your physician.

WHY IS MY SKIN BREAKING OUT? Unless you’ve had issues with your skin before juicing (ex: eczema), don’t panic! Your breakout may just be a detox reaction. If you’ve used the Clarisonic brush (or similar product), you may have experienced the same outcome. Releasing toxins is a sign that your body is going through changes, which is normal. Just think of this as the purging stage; it will pass…eventually.

Everyone will have a different reaction. If your condition is severe, or your skin has not improved, do not hesitate to contact your dermatologist.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Juicing has changed my health immensely, but don’t be fooled. You have to put in some work and find the right balance that suits your needs. Think of juicing as exercising. It’s not one size fits all. What works for one, may not work for the other. So before you commit, rethink your purpose and strategy. What is your goal for juicing? Is this a lifestyle change or a quick fix? How much are you willing to invest (appliances)?

I want to thank you for stopping by NRJS, and hope this post has helped those who want to change their lifestyle…one day at a time. See you next post!

Source: Reboot With Joe


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Stella 3

Images via Stellaasteria

Last month I was very fortunate to work with one of my favorite style bloggers; realtor and fashion influencer at Stellaasteria. With over 65K Polyvore followers, you will see why Stella A. Douliou will be a household name. Today, Stella shares her aspirations for her blog, who inspires her, and why Greece is truly a place to call home.  I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed interacting with Stella.

Stellaasteria.com is fairly new, yet seems as if it’s been around for years (professional & cohesive). Where do you see your blog a year from now? Thank you so much for the compliment! I am very glad to give you one of my first interviews as a blogger. (-: Stellaasteria.com has been indeed around for years but only in my mind, just as an idea, as something I was dreaming of doing. Now that it’s live, I am so thankful, and I have a strong belief that a year from now it will be very successful. Success for me is to inspire and give joy to thousands of people through what I do.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to hear about you? That until a while ago I didn’t have the confidence to create stellaasteria.com. I was thinking about what others may think (colleagues, friends, etc.), but as soon as I liberated myself from these thoughts, everything fell into place.

Current favorite item in your wardrobe? My Chanel Boy Bag. With Boy Bag, Chanel pulled off a design that feels deeply rooted in the house’s handbag history but also new and different enough at the same time…to beguile new customers who don’t like to hold the same bag with their mother. I really can’t wait to see what’s next on the Chanel bag agenda.

One closet essential every woman should own?…A well-structured black blazer.” A blazer that fits you well can pull together a look that’s seriously lacking in other areas. I keep a structured blazer in my office on set at all times, as it’s the easiest way to make even a t-shirt and jeans seem a bit more polished. As it’s usually the cornerstone of an outfit, proper fit is especially important. So allow yourself to make a great investment on this must-have garment.

Three words to describe Greece. Sun, sea, summer.

I feel blessed to live most of the year in Mykonos, which is one of the most touristic islands of Greece, and I can wait for spring/summer season to come, and show you around my “crazy bon-viveur” island.

Stella 2

You shared your admiration for the collaboration between Balmain and H&M in a recent post. What other collaboration would you like to see at H&M? I would love to see a collaboration between H&M and Alexander McQueen. Just think of the evening looks, accessories, and clutch bags! It would be great to be able to shop a collection that captures the essence of Alexander McQueen, but with more wearable, and affordable items. A girl can dream, right? (-:

If you had a chance to work with a fashion designer, who would it be? With the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld. This man is a creative and inexhaustible source of energy, and I really admire his revolutionary approach in fashion. Lately, Karl Lagerfeld photographed his celebrity friends at Coco Chanel’s apartment at Rue Cambon, the place where the biggest revolution of women fashion took place. I would participate in this project in a heartbeat. Who would not love to be one of his fashion muses?

What’s a place you wish to visit? New York during Fashion Week. *Fingers crossed*

With numerous style blogs present, how do you manage to set yourself apart from other style/lifetime bloggers? I think that what distinguishes every blogger is their personal sense of style, their aesthetic, and authenticity. Everything I show and write in my blog is real. It’s me! (-:

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  It may sound like a cliché, but “be grateful”, is the best advice I have received and also my motto. I am certain that even through the hardest situations, something good always comes up and there is always something great to feel thankful for. It’s never too late to start enjoying the countless benefits of being grateful.

What’s your favorite fashion era from the 21st century? I consider that clothes from the 21st century have already made a great impact on the fashion world by using high-tech and eco fabrics, making fashion from the past new again and by starting new fashion trends for the future.

I love the way that the boho chic style emerged as the millennium version of the hippy look of the 60s and 70s. Many fashion houses such us Tom Ford, Gucci, Burberry, and Chloé have developed great variations of the look, putting together wonderful velvet and suede garments, hats, and fringed accessories. I am also a huge fan of Purism in fashion. “It is a luxurious, aristocratic, quiet, and uncomplicated look based on good cuts, which expresses sophistication and effortless chic…”

**Stay connected with Stella on Instagram: @stellaasteria

Stella, I truly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to partake in this interview. I’m honored to have been the first to do so. You’re clearly on a path leading to greatness. I am more than confident that Stellaasteria.com will be a fashion phenomenon. Look out Fashion Week! Make room for Stella because she’s arrived!


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EDITOR’S INSIGHT| Moisturized Skin


You may not know this, but I wear very little make-up, as in no eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow, or mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I admire women who create a masterpiece on their face. I just don’t have the patience or the skill for that matter. Ha! So I concentrate on maintaining healthy skin.

Moisturizing became a part of my daily routine when I started using Mary Kay’s TimeWise products (simpler steps now) at the age of 19. Although I’m content with the products, my routine needed a change. As I was surfing the web, I came across a video that gave me more insight on moisturizing.

I did a little experiment this month to put the myth about keeping beauty products in cooler temperatures (the refrigerator) to the test. Storing moisturizer in the fridge stabilizes the temperature of the product; preventing exposure to extreme heat or cold. If you already store eye cream in your fridge, it’s the same concept- a cold compress for your skin. Since the slight change in my routine, I’ve received more compliments about my skin. Coincidence? You be the judge. Ha!

In the words of Caroline Hirone, If you want the best out of your skin than take better care of it… Everyone’s in a hurry to…do it as quickly as possible. You only get one face, so why mess with it?”

As always, I want to thank you for making me a part of your day. Have a safe and happy holiday!! See you next post! ❤ ❤


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