EDITOR’S INSIGHT| Eyebrow Maintenance

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Eyebrows. The one thing that can change your look drastically. It’s like wearing essentials and adding that statement piece to pull your ensemble together.  So here’s a regimen on grooming your eyebrows to help maintain your look.

BROW APPOINTMENTS: I typically book my appointments with my aesthetician (one of two) once a month. I have two just in case one is booked to capacity or on vacation. Yes, I am that serious about my eyebrows. Haha! If you’re visiting an aesthetician for the first time, your timeframe may differ (Ex: every three weeks). Once your eyebrows are trained, you can adjust your scheduled appointments accordingly (Ex: once every four, five weeks).

TWEEZING/WAXING: If you don’t have the resources to visit an aesthetician or want to remove unruly hairs in between appointments, then tweezing/waxing your brows is the next option. Check out this video (here) for tweezing and this video (here) for waxing your brows.

MAKE-UP: If you over go overboard with tweezing your brows (we’ve all been there), make-up can help camouflage those shaping mistakes. I rarely use a brow liner, but when I do, Mac’s mechanical, shelf-sharpening brow liner allows me to fill in areas without compromising a natural look; this is a great alternative (as well as the pencil) for beginners. However, if you think you’re better off with the liquid form, go for it!

The brow gel is another favorite product. It keeps your brows shapely and those wild hairs in place. If I want a little tint, I’ll use a tinted version by Anastasia. If this is not an option, you can use your face moisturizer and a spoolie brush to maintain the shape of your brow. When I’m attending a special event (Ex: wedding, birthday), I’ll use a small angle brush and eyeshadow (a complementary color) to fill in my brow to make a more dramatic look.

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EDITOR’S INSIGHT| Lip Care Regimen

Editors Insight Lips

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Dry lips. I’m sure some of us (if not all) can relate to this. Much like a skin care regimen, our lips should be treated to a daily routine as well. Since the skin of our lips differs from the skin of our face (and other parts of the body), there are techniques to help maintain healthy lips. Below is my lip regimen that helps my lips remain moisturized through weather conditions, illnesses, and protection from environmental chaos.

Cleanse: The first thing I do before touching my lips is wash my hands. It’s no secret that we can transfer germs to our mouth by touching contaminated surfaces all day (ex: doorknobs).

Exfoliate: This step is controversial. Some medical professionals say this should be avoided, as it may scratch or tear your skin if the product is too abrasive. However, with exfoliates now being less harsh, other medical professionals recommend exfoliation. For me, I tend to use products that softly exfoliate my lips (and hydrate), such as Tarte’s Maracuja Lip Exfoliant (also sold here).

Moisturizing: I apply a lip balm (or lip gloss) to my lips before heading out to work, after meals, and before bed. It may seem a little obsessive to some, but this step has kept my lips moisturized for years. I typically look for lip balms that have vitamin E, castor seed oil, and/or shea butter. Oh, and don’t forget that SPF! Want to add a little color? Try this sugar lip treatment or other lip treatments that provide protection for your lips.

Hydration: Drinking water should be a given by now. Similar to maintaining moisturized skin, water can also help your lips stay healthy and hydrated. It’s recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, but I say do the best you can. Just don’t go a day without water.

**Tips: Try not to lick your lips. Since our saliva is a source of moisture for our lips, we tend to lick them. But licking our lips contributes to dry and cracked skin.  Also, be sure the products you’re using aren’t the culprit to your lip woes (cracked lips, dry lips, etc.). Even lip balms (among other lip products) can irritate your skin.

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EDITOR’S INSIGHT| Moisturized Skin


You may not know this, but I wear very little make-up, as in no eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow, or mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I admire women who create a masterpiece on their face. I just don’t have the patience or the skill for that matter. Ha! So I concentrate on maintaining healthy skin.

Moisturizing became a part of my daily routine when I started using Mary Kay’s TimeWise products (simpler steps now) at the age of 19. Although I’m content with the products, my routine needed a change. As I was surfing the web, I came across a video that gave me more insight on moisturizing.

I did a little experiment this month to put the myth about keeping beauty products in cooler temperatures (the refrigerator) to the test. Storing moisturizer in the fridge stabilizes the temperature of the product; preventing exposure to extreme heat or cold. If you already store eye cream in your fridge, it’s the same concept- a cold compress for your skin. Since the slight change in my routine, I’ve received more compliments about my skin. Coincidence? You be the judge. Ha!

In the words of Caroline Hirone, If you want the best out of your skin than take better care of it… Everyone’s in a hurry to…do it as quickly as possible. You only get one face, so why mess with it?”

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I’ve been searching for a product that exfoliates without damaging my skin. Although I was familiar with Clarisonic, I was more intrigued when I came across Amelia’s (from The CHICago Life Blog) blog post (here). Although I swear by the Time Wise Microdermabrasion set by Mary Kay (love these products), I still needed something that could clean my face thoroughly and remove residue that may have been missed. A wash cloth can do only so much, you know?

Want to learn more about this product? See the video (here). Get your Clarisonic (here).

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