EDITOR’S PICK: Lovely Pepa

Lovely Pepa

Images via Lovely Pepa

I came across Alexandra’s blog, Lovely Pepa, four years ago and I’m still inspired by her blog.  She manages to take staple pieces and style them in an enviable way. See Alexandra’s impeccable style via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Lovely Pepa 2


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EDITOR’S PICK: The Daileigh (Ashleigh)

Ashley 1

Images via The Daileigh

Ashleigh Hutchinson, the face behind The Daileigh. This stylist/style blogger won me over when I came across her post “Tux Part III”. In addition to her amazing shoe collection, I was impressed by Ashleigh’s desire to offer seminars, providing tips and techniques on building a wardrobe and other fashion related topics.

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Ashley 2

Ashley 3


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EDITOR’S PICK: The Chriselle Factor

Chriselle 1

Images via Chriselle Factor

Chriselle Lim from The Chriselle Factor is definitely on my list of influential bloggers. I came across one of her posts (seen here) and fell in love with the tweed jacket. It’s no secret that I love boyfriend jeans, so naturally pairing the tweed jacket with boyfriend jeans was a big hit for me. Chriselle definitely had me hooked when I came across the video about slip dresses (seen here).

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Chriselle 2

Chriselle 3

Chriselle 4


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EDITOR’S PICK: Lace & Locks (Kim)

Lace and Locks 1

Images via Lace & Locks // Photography by Jason Huang

I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration; this could entail art, food, other bloggers, etc. As I was scrolling through Instagram (2.5 years ago), I came across Kim Le Pham’s blog, Lace and Locks. Be sure to check out Kim’s inspiring story about her courageous career move (here). You can follow Kim on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to stay informed about her passion, inspiring stories, and other great finds.

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Lace and Locks 3Lace and Locks 3


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