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Eyebrows. The one thing that can change your look drastically. It’s like wearing essentials and adding that statement piece to pull your ensemble together.  So here’s a regimen on grooming your eyebrows to help maintain your look.

BROW APPOINTMENTS: I typically book my appointments with my aesthetician (one of two) once a month. I have two just in case one is booked to capacity or on vacation. Yes, I am that serious about my eyebrows. Haha! If you’re visiting an aesthetician for the first time, your timeframe may differ (Ex: every three weeks). Once your eyebrows are trained, you can adjust your scheduled appointments accordingly (Ex: once every four, five weeks).

TWEEZING/WAXING: If you don’t have the resources to visit an aesthetician or want to remove unruly hairs in between appointments, then tweezing/waxing your brows is the next option. Check out this video (here) for tweezing and this video (here) for waxing your brows.

MAKE-UP: If you over go overboard with tweezing your brows (we’ve all been there), make-up can help camouflage those shaping mistakes. I rarely use a brow liner, but when I do, Mac’s mechanical, shelf-sharpening brow liner allows me to fill in areas without compromising a natural look; this is a great alternative (as well as the pencil) for beginners. However, if you think you’re better off with the liquid form, go for it!

The brow gel is another favorite product. It keeps your brows shapely and those wild hairs in place. If I want a little tint, I’ll use a tinted version by Anastasia. If this is not an option, you can use your face moisturizer and a spoolie brush to maintain the shape of your brow. When I’m attending a special event (Ex: wedding, birthday), I’ll use a small angle brush and eyeshadow (a complementary color) to fill in my brow to make a more dramatic look.

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8 thoughts on “EDITOR’S INSIGHT| Eyebrow Maintenance

  1. I usually have my brows threaded at a salon every 6 weeks or so. Girl it hurts like hell!!! Unfortunately, I’m terrible at tweezing it myself so I have to endure it. Great post! xx

    • @Lydie,
      Thank you love! Beauty hurts at times. *sigh* The things we do! Ha! I tried threading, but my hair grew back too quickly. Waxing is the way for me. I can’t remember if threading hurt my brows, but I was impressed by the skill.

  2. Great tips! In my teens and my twenties I over plucked my brows and now they are thin. I wish someone had warned me that I would come to regret it🙈🙈 Thank goodness for Anastasia brow gel pen.

    xo, Jackie

    • @Jackie,
      Thank you dear! I did the same thing when I was younger. I had no business messing with my brows. The lessons we’ve learned. Haha. Enjoy the rest of your week! Xx #TeamAnastasia

  3. Great post and tips my dear! I am really obsessed with fixing my eyebrows even when at home haha! I have tried the Mac pencil in the past but was to relish for my hair colour and the tip was just keep breaking. Perhaps I had a false item I don;t know.. Great tip about the face moisturiser and spool brush, I will definitely try it 😉
    Thanks for sharing and have a great month of August my friend!

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