black dress 1Over the years, my style has changed dramatically. I’ve gone from wearing bright colors to neutrals, all white to bold colors, and currently into black-white-gray. Believe it or not, black and gray are not my favorite colors. However, these colors are the easiest to style (for some people). A while ago I did a post about purging out certain items in my closet. Since then, I’ve managed to maintain this adjustment. I won’t say that my style won’t change again, but for now, here’s why I’m into black, white, and gray:

CONVENIENCE: As I get older, I find myself making less of a fuss about my attire. I’m not saying I don’t care about what I wear; I just don’t stress about it. I have other things to tackle. Although fashion will always be a passion of mine, it’s not the center of my world (sorry fashionistas). My closet now consists of on-the-go, still-look-chic, ready-to-wear garments.

CLASSIC PIECES: When I make purchases, I think about the garment’s longevity. Is it appropriate for me now and later? Is it timeless or trendy? Is it versatile? Black, white, and gray are colors that minimize the headache of matching garments.

DRESS FOR YOURSELF: If people need you to wear bright colors to “brighten” THEIR day, then maybe these individuals need to reevaluate THEIR lives. I don’t dress for anyone else but ME. If I’m not exposing myself or wearing clothing with offensive writing, what difference does it make if I want to wear the colors of MY choice? There is so much going on in this world that warrants our attention. I don’t know about you, but poverty, violence, illnesses, and other tragedies trump my style any day.

What you wear should make you feel comfortable, regardless of unsolicited opinions. Your style is a reflection of your true self, and if others have a problem with that, well they can (fill in the blank). Ha!

I want to thank you for stopping by, and I truly appreciate you making NRJS a part of your day. See you next post!

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 I’m wearing: Kenneth Cole Dress| Banana Republic Blazer| Zara Shoes


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34 thoughts on “MINIMALIST| BLACK, WHITE, & GRAY

  1. My world…black, grey, navy and white. I really like this post. It’s not necessarily convenience for me because I naturally gravitate towards those color. I was never really into colors until recently when I glancedo through my closet and realized 98% of my skirts and dresses were black. As for shoes, let’s just say I just started adding colors.

    Dressing for yourself is the most important. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • @Sade,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post! Shoes are a different story for me. I have almost every color. Haha. Have a great week! Xx

  2. You look gorgeous in these picture! You always have such a great smile which makes your pictures that much more attractive. ❤ I totally agree with you babe. Wear what makes you feel good. There's so much more out there to fuss about than what someone else is wearing. #BossBehavior

  3. Hi Ali! I just wanted to let you know that I love your perspective on style – no one should stifle their look based on what someone else says is on- or off-trend. It’s about showing off your personality, after all. I try to maintain the same spirit on my blog. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to read what you write next! – Jackie

  4. Love this post! Having a neutral wardrobe makes putting together look’s so much easier. You’re right, dress for you and none else. There’s no point spending your hard earned money to please others. Have a great week hun! xx

  5. I absolutely love this post. Probably because I’ve also adapted a neutral wardrobe. Sure I have some color pieces, but most of my staples are indeed black, white, and grey and they never, ever go out of style. There’s just something chic about it and honestly it will probably always be chic. And I simply love that dress. You look amazing girl.

    Kia / KTS

    • @Kia,
      I knew you would understand! #MySoulSister Ha! I still have some colorful pieces, but not nearly as much as the black-white-gray combo. It was the opposite way around a few years back. Every color in the crayon box (48-count)! Haha! It’s amazing how our priorities and style changes as we get older. Have a great Wednesday, and enjoy the upcoming weekend! Xx

  6. Yaaassss!!! Welcome to the minimalist style club! You can never go wrong with black, white and grey. 🙂 Oh, and navy of course! You look stunning in this chic black dress. So feminine! Absolutely love it! xo Vivian

  7. Gorgeous! I love gray and I’m not afraid of people thinking that’s gloomy. They can keep their negative opinions! Great post!

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