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A few posts ago, I discussed the importance of moisturized skin (here). This month I’d like to focus on the beauty from within. What we put in our bodies is equally important as what we put on it. As they say, we are what we eat.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noticed an increase in healthy food selections. Four weeks ago I started juicing again (I stopped 2 years ago) after a health scare. My condition was not contagious, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant. Although my situation was not life threatening (but could be), I didn’t want to waste time controlling the condition. I’ve seen my doctor more than my family in three months. So I decided to ditch the “suggested” six forms of medication (that’s right, SIX!) and take a more natural route. Enter the power of juicing.

Since I’ve gone back to my roots (food-wise), I feel so much better. I’m not 100%, but I’m on the right path to healing. Since I’ve started juicing, my skin has cleared (even more), my immune system has improved, and my energy levels have increased. Oh, and those “suggested” medications, I no longer have to spray, eat, or drink them. Full proof that the best medicine comes from nature.

Interested in juicing, or want more recipes? Be sure to follow Joe Cross via Instagram @joethejuicer or visit rebootwithjoe.com. If you’re still on the fence about juicing, check out this inspiring film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead courtesy of Joe Cross (watch for free for a limited time).

I would like to thank you for making NRJS a part of your day. As always, see you next post!


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  1. Aww. Sorry to hear about your health scare! That’s terrifying just thinking about it, but I’m happy to hear you found yourself a natural, healthier remedy. 🙂

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