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When we’re planning a weekend getaway, the focus is on outfits to be worn when we’ve reached our destination. But what about the ensemble worn en route to our getaway haven? Whether you’re traveling by train, car, or plane, the goal should be the same. Comfort.

Last year, I talked about my obsession with heels while traveling by train. Well, the same holds true during road trips. I do, however, carry flats just in case. Ha! At any rate, relaxed jeans or jeans with stretch, heels, and a comfy top are always my go-to when I’m on the road. As much as I’d love to be lazy and wear a stay-at-home outfit, I can’t deny the urge to give more of an effort when traveling.

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I’m wearing: Michael Kors Coat| A&F Jeans| Zara Tie Style Scarf| Guess Shoes


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25 thoughts on “WHERE R U GOING?| Weekend Getaway

  1. Yes honaaaay, comfort is absolutely KEY! I must admit, you do really look comfortable here. Love the think scarf too! I keep forgetting that’s in until I see someone like you wear it like a boss. Then I’m all like, “mannn!! Why didn’t I think of that!?!”

  2. Fierce coat! I love the cut, it looks great on you. And I love the way you’ve styled your scarf too. Very chic look.

    xo, Jackie

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