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Last week the focus was on creating a capsule wardrobe and maintaining these items to get the most out of your closet. This week I would like to continue with additional closet staples that will help save you money in the long run.

Dress Shirt (Button Down)– If you don’t already have this staple item in your closet, you may want to reconsider. I’ll admit; I have my hang ups about white dress shirts because over time the color fades. I have a few inexpensive white button-downs, but I spend more money on non-white shirts for the purpose of longevity. Whatever your preference, a quality button-down shirt should 1). Have a structured collar (if applicable) 2. Be tailored (before purchase) 3. Have quality buttons (ex: mother of pearls), and 4. No loose threads (check the inside stitches).

For some, dry cleaning is part of a weekly routine. But you can cut down on expenses by maintaining the shirt(s) yourself (depending on the fabric). Try washing the shirt(s) on a delicate cycle and avoid the dryer. If you rather skip the ironing process, opt for a non-iron dress shirt or invest in a garment steamer (Rowenta is popular). I know this sounds like money is racking up, but since I’ve purchased a steamer, I make fewer trips to the cleaners and have saved money.

Dress Pants (Wide Leg & Straight Leg)– If you own dress shirts then more than likely your wardrobe includes dress pants. If not, this is another item to add to the list. A neutral-colored dress pant is a staple that adds variation to your closet and transcends trends.

Muck like dress shirts, dress pants (depending on the fabric) should make fewer trips to the dry cleaners and stay out of the dryer. Proper care can extend the life of your pants, which maximizes your investments. Washing your pants (in cold water) inside out can improve the life of the garment; preventing the pants to fade.

Eyewear– Although building a capsule wardrobe typically involves garments and shoes, what’s a wardrobe without accessories? Now, if you think you’ll lose/destroy your sunglasses constantly, skip this item. Ha! For the rest, if you don’t already own a pair, I recommend purchasing at least one or two quality sunglasses. A great pair of sunglasses can last years with proper care.

To keep your sunglasses in mint condition 1. Keep it in a case to prevent scratches, 2. Have it adjusted once a year (or as needed), 3. And clean it with a special solution (seen here) and a nonabrasive cloth (seen here). Side note: Companies like Sunglass Hut offers complementary services such as tightening the sunglasses (glasses must be purchased from Sunglass Hut) and free solution (after an initial purchase). Be sure this service is available before making a purchase; this may be subject to change.

Next Monday, the spotlight will be on another talented style blogger. I want to thank you for stopping by NRJS and I’ll see you next post!

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I’m wearing: Guess Coat| A&F Bottom| Laila Rowe Scarf


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14 thoughts on “CLOSET ESSENTIALS| PART 2

  1. I love your trouser! It’s very nice and you can wear it casually or in a formal way!
    You look so beautiful as usual babe ♥
    Happy Monday

  2. The sunglasses cannot be over emphasized. I could build a small cost with mine. Love your wide leg pants!!

  3. I know exactly what i’ve missing in my closet now and it’s a chic pair of white pants! Love how you styled yours with a black jacket and a pop of color with the scarf. Ah and thanks for recommending the solutions for glasses, I could really use some help in the upkeep department when it comes to my optical and shades! Happy 2016! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • @Lena,
      Thank you darling! So glad you enjoyed the post! A white pair of pants is such a great staple to dress up/down throughout the seasons. Happy New Year to you as well! ❤ ❤

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