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By now you’ve probably heard the terms minimalist and capsule wardrobe. Last year I discussed decluttering a closet to become a minimalist. But since I’ve recently moved, I’d like to focus on organizing a closet (a future post) as well as building a capsule wardrobe. Versatility is key. While becoming a minimalist helps you build a more functional wardrobe, creating a capsule can also help reduce your spending costs by mixing and matching pieces you already own. Below are a few essentials to help create a capsule wardrobe.

*Side note: If the pieces below are not in your closet, consider making an investment by building a wardrobe that will last for years. Focus on the quality of each piece. Invest now, save later (if you can manage).

Pea Coat (Short or Long)– The pea coat is a classic staple that any style-conscious individual should own. Pea coats allow you to transition from casual to formal, hassle-free. Pair it with a V-neck tee and jeans to create a laid-back look without compromising sophistication. Make a more formal appearance with a crisp blouse, pants, and dress shoes.

I’ve had mine for roughly eight years, and it’s still in good condition (seen here). The only thing that needed maintenance over the years were the buttons (tightening). If you’re not skilled in the sewing department (much like me- Ha!), then I recommend finding a GOOD tailor (if you don’t have one). I also recommend having it dry cleaned once a year. If dry cleaning is not an option, there are ways to care for your investment. There are several articles online and YouTube videos that can assist you; however, for the best results, check the label of your coat for care instructions.

Luxury Handbag– I don’t think I’ve met a woman who did not appreciate a well-structured handbag. A high-quality logo-free handbag (well-known or unknown designer) can last for years. My eldest handbag was purchased nine years ago and needed minimal maintenance. I’ve had the strap fixed once (this was an everyday bag).

When purchasing a quality handbag, you should consider 1. When the bag was created, 2. If the bag ages well, 3. If it is a timeless piece, 4. And the price point trend. Some research may be required, but it will benefit you for years to come.

Black Dress Shoes– I think every woman should own a pair of black pumps, but every woman is not the same. Some women are not fond of high heels. So owning a pair of black dress shoes is more ideal; be it black oxfords, black loafers, or black pointy toe flats.

I’m not one to purchase shoes that are extremely high-priced, but I do recommend purchasing reasonably priced shoes with quality. But if your pockets can handle Manolo Blahnik’s (love these shoes!), by all means, purchase away. For the rest, be mindful of your pockets, but also consider the quality of the item. Oh! Comfort is also a must!

We’ll stop here and move on to other essentials pieces (part two) next week. Once again, I thank you for stopping by NRJS, and I’ll see you next time!


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