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Creating new content for a blog can be challenging at times. If you’re a style blogger, more than likely your posts are outfit-related. But what if outfits aren’t enough for you? One way to add more content and enhance your writing skills is to interview other bloggers. It not only adds more value to your blog, but it also gives the interviewees more exposure. Below, I share a few tips about interviewing bloggers.

Research, Research, Research: Assuming you’re an avid reader of the interviewee’s blog, you may already be familiar with his/her interest(s). But it doesn’t hurt to check out the “about” page. Asking questions that can be answered prior to the interview defeats the purpose of really getting to know the interviewee. I’ve learned this after conducting a few interviews. Better late than never, right?!

Time & Patience: Be sure to give yourself and the interviewee time. The one thing you must have when conducting an interview (via email) is patience. Everyone will not have the same response time. There are different schedules and different time zones to consider. So be mindful of these factors, including your email being sent to a spam folder (automatically). Also, keep in mind that the interviewee may not check his/her email regularly. Chances are, the email address for the blog is not a primary email address.

Handling Rejection: To follow up on the previous paragraph, not getting a response does not necessarily mean your email was overlooked. Sometimes you may get a response after weeks/months have passed. In some cases, you may not get a response at all. Don’t take it personal! Remember there are other bloggers that can be contacted. So try not to focus on one blogger at a time. Think of it as applying for a job. Would you wait around for one company to contact you? I hope not!

There are so many talented bloggers around the world; find a few, but also find out what sets each blogger apart from others.

Questions to Ask: Generic questions seem impersonal. Personalizing the questions will show the interviewee that you’ve truly taken an interest. Also, stick to the area of interest. If you’re interviewee solely blogs about food, asking numerous fashion-related questions may not fit the mold.

Spell Check & Grammar: Check for grammatical errors on both ends. As the interviewer, you want to make sure the questions make sense, and everything is spelled accurately before submitting the questions, and after the interviewee responds. Also check the interviewee’s responses. The interview is not only a representation of the interviewee, but also a reflection of your professionalism.

Approved Final Draft: When the interview is complete, be sure to have the interviewee approve the final draft (assuming adjustments were made). No one wants to be misquoted. If you’re using photographs from the interviewee’s blog, be sure to 1. Get permission 2. Link the photos to the interviewee’s blog and 3. Credit the photographer (if applicable).

I hope you found these tips helpful, and I thank you for stopping by NRJS. As always, I’ll see you next post!


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