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I came across this article via AfterDRK and immediately gravitated toward the idea of wearing an item for an entire week. Well, 5 days. Sorry, I cannot commit to a full week…yet. Since I wear heels every day at work, I decided to challenge myself to wear flats. So, here’s how my week went:

Monday: I finally allowed my loafers to hit the pavement. I managed to keep them on at work in spite of my backup heels (three pairs) kept near my desk. Ha! After work, I met up with family and ran some errands. I’ll admit, I kept a pair of heels in my tote bag. Hey, baby steps! Day one= barely successful.

Tuesday: I woke up with the intent to wear flats, but my impulse almost took over as I kept my eye on these babies. Who can resist a pair of classic black pumps? I opted for my ballet flats that are unbelievably comfortable (once they’re broken in). After a trip to the mall, these flats made it to a quick stop at a café before I called it a night.  Day two= a complete success.

Wednesday: I took a day off from work, but I continued my challenge by wearing these sandals all across town. I’m on the hunt for a new place, so heels are not ideal. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this type of search in heels before. Ha! Day three= successful.

Thursday: Back to work! Oops! I reached for my heels. I almost forgot. Coach sneakers it is! Wait! Are these considered flats? Ha! Good thing I chose sneakers over these Zara flats. I had an appointment after work and ran a little late. I couldn’t see myself running in the Zara flats. They’re cute, but they have no flexibility- stiff as a board. Day four= almost unsuccessful.

Friday: I took another day off from work (one day wasn’t enough) and spent the day in gladiator sandals (similar to these). After a trip to the hair salon, I caught up with an old friend. A late lunch and a movie to end the day.  Day five= success.

Saturday: Okay, I tried to extend the challenge. But since I don’t work weekends, all bets are off.  Five days is more than enough. Saturday was spent with friends who flew in/drove from various places to enjoy an annual show (my friend is a choreographer). Step Up meets Stomp the Yard. Afterwards, it was dinner and some drinks; in heels no doubt!

I thank you for making NRJS a part of your day, and I’ll see you next time!


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24 thoughts on “FIVE DAYS IN FLATS- No Heels

  1. You blog is really fun and creative. I love your style and how you write your post too btw.

  2. cuteeeeeeeee flatsssss! I should do 5 days in heels, no flats… haaa!
    I am definitely going to do this actually, inspiration from you. Thank you!
    Hope you are well lovely! Have an awesome day!
    Loving the post lots btw! ha!

  3. great challenge hun, haha I definitely couldn’t wear flats a whole week (i’m short lol) maybe once or twice when i’ll be spending the day walking around town. I would like to challenge myself to wear bright colours instead of neutrals for a week 🙂

  4. Haha. great challenge! I don’t know if I can be that strong! But it is a good thing to challenge ourselves every once in a while.

  5. Haha love this post! I always find outfits look so much better with heels! Plus they make you taller 😅

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