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When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand the advantages of owning a DSLR. At the time, my options were limited to a point and shoot or a smartphone. Lo and behold, my sister took up photography, which gave me the opportunity to 1) allow her to showcase her skills, and 2) post quality photos.  Once I decided to work with a more suitable camera, directing became more relevant.

Background: The art of directing is not just about taking pictures. Anyone can click a button, but it takes patience, creativity, and dedication to get desired shots. Once a location is selected (get permission if needed), the background of the photo becomes an area of interest. A simple background suits me if an outfit is complex or if I have several accessories. However, an effortless outfit calls for a more interesting background.

Visual/Verbal Suggestions: Taking directions from a photographer can make or break a photo. If you’re not a strong listener, visual cues may be more ideal. Visual guidance can reduce confusion, especially when dealing with continuous cues. If you’re listening skills are excellent, then by all means, carry on.

(Example) Photographer speaking: “Turn your head to the left! Okay, now relax your shoulders! Turn your head to the right! Now, look straight ahead at the building! Now walk slowly! Stop! Now stand with your right foot in front, left foot in back! Now, turn your head slightly to the right and look towards the camera!”

Distractions: In addition to giving directions, photographers typically notice everything in a shot. Is your hair out of place? Is your outfit in disarray? Do you want that object to be in the shot? Is there a reflection in the shot (Ex: a reflection of the photographer)? Should the people in the background be in the shot? Is the sun glaring too much? Taking all these things into account (among other elements) will help minimize your workload during the editing process.

As always, I truly thank you for dropping by NRJS, and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. Buying a dslr made me feel like I had progressed on the blogging ladder, it translated across all my platforms esp Instagram which is all image led. I still interchange with my iPhone camera for object pictures but it was totally worth the investment. Xx

  2. @Lena,
    Thank you love! Chemistry, as well as trust, can definitely make a difference. The same thought can be applied to all relationships- professional & personal. Hope you have a great week Lena! xx

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