BLOG SESSION: Get Inspired, Find Your Muse

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Feeling uninspired? I’m sure we’ve all been there. If not, you may be in for a surprise one day. Aside from balancing time, creating great content is one of the most challenging tasks for bloggers. No matter how talented the writer, everyone needs a muse. Below are some tips on how to find inspiration from the likeliest to the unlikeliest sources/places.

Public Transportation– If you take public transportation, this is a great time to decompress and free your mind. Be it a notebook or the notes app on your phone, jot something down- anything; even if it’s one word. It took one word to bring this post to life. So try it! You never know what can come from one word.

Magazines/Websites– Roughly 25% of my ideas stems from reading magazines (while getting a pedicure or hair done) or websites such as The Zoe Report or InStyle. Ideas can derive from a touching article, an outfit perfectly tailored on a model, or comments made by other readers.

Events/Milestones– Birthdays, blog events, weddings, holiday gatherings- all great ideas for content. Creative minds such as Lena of Feline Creatures gave us a peek into her world when she attended the Wine, Dine, and Design event (Modani Furniture). Helena of Brooklyn Blonde also shares her experiences with us on occasion.

Tumblr/Pinterest- If you haven’t signed up yet, you may want to reconsider. There’s bound to be some source of inspiration of the two social media outlets.

Music/Movies – Wendy Nguyen (of Wendy’s Lookbook) is a great example of how to gain inspiration from a movie. Do you remember The Great Gatsby and Mad Max? Some of us may not have the resources to pull off this look (here); however, imagination has no restrictions. So let the rhythm of your favorite song, or a scene from a movie allow your mind to wander.

inspiration wendys lookbook

Still not getting any ideas? Try searching other bloggers that share similar interests. Remember, you’re just getting inspiration, no plagiarism allowed.

Relax: As I’ve stated before, simply having fun with friends/family can generate so many ideas. A conversation or someone’s outfit can open your mind to ideas for a future post.

If you’re still feeling uninspired, or your schedule is tight, maybe it’s time to take a break. Much like the workplace, time away is needed. So why not take a mini-vacation away from blogging. If you’re concerned about losing your audience, try to stay current using other platforms (Ex: Instagram) that require little effort. Readers will know that you’re still around, but taking a hiatus from blogging. You can also inform your readers that you’re stepping away from your platform temporarily, as did Camilla of Avenue Camilla.

I truly thank you for stopping by NRJS, and as always, I will see you next post!


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  1. I love this post! It’s actually inspired me after reading it and made me think I should be more productive on public transport haha 🙂

  2. This post was really helpful. I started my blog just under a year ago and am learning lots as I go. Thank you for the great tips.

    Allegra xxxx

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