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Much like the classic trench, the sleeveless trench has quickly become a wardrobe staple. When I first witnessed this phenomenon via Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2013 collection (look #22), I was convinced that this item would have a new home courtesy of my closet. Here it is, 2015, and the sleeveless trench is still making frequent appearances.

When it comes to shopping, I search for quality, discounted prices, and versatility. The sleeveless trench is a functional piece worn throughout the year, in many forms. Getting the sense of spring in the air? Pair the trench with sleeveless/short sleeve top or dress. Do you need extra coverage for those brisk autumn evenings? Pair your trench with a sweater or light jacket. Can’t bear the frigid temperatures of old man winter? Just wear the trench as an extra layer. After all, two coats are better than one.

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  1. I love this look! You look absolutely gorgeous. Loved this sleeveless trench and I totally agree with you, it could be worn throughout the year!
    Have a beautiful day sweetheart ♥

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