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Today’s post was originally going to focus on a wardrobe staple (sleeveless trench), but my photographer/sister will not be available for a couple of weeks. As I was thumbing through my archives for an outfit, I came across a few pictures from previous posts that I wanted to share. Sometimes what we see in photos does not tell the entire story. In previous posts, I focused on what to bring to a photo shoot, lights/location, and posing for the camera. Now, I’d like to show you the other side of me.

I think it’s important to take blogging seriously, but I believe you should also have a little fun. Just ask Jenny, the brilliant and creative mind behind Plogstyle. She knows how to let her hair down. Check out a compilation video via Jenny’s Instagram page here.

One of the things that make my sessions with my photographer/sister so fun is the unexpected. Here are a few of my outtakes, and the events behind the sessions.

Post Title: Blazers, Stripes, & Tees (April 2015)- This session (photo above) has to be one of the greatest moments that my sister and I shared. Aside from the occasional daring posts (seen here and here), there’s always something bound to happen that’s not quite in our control. Now, you may think I look cool, calm, and collected, but on this day, my sister and I were being stalked by geese- aggressive geese. At one point, she almost dropped the camera because she was more focused on the geese than me. Ha! To lighten the mood, I went into my silly mode.

Outtake 2Post Title: Sporty Elegance (Jan 2015)- Here, my sister and I were inside of Starbucks. At first glance, it seems as though I’m smelling a bad odor, but in reality, something caught my attention while my sister was adjusting her camera. Hey, what can I say! I’m a very animated individual. Ha!

Outtakes 3Post Title: On The High-Risezon (April 2015)During this session, I nearly blew away. Yes, it’s sunny, but the photos were taken near a large body of water; hence, the wind. My hair was a wreck (insert photo shoot bag), I couldn’t hold my balance (Dana, you may laugh), and there was a peculiar smell that lingered.

All in all, I had a great time. I felt like royalty since the people on the street thought I was a model (I wish). I know you can relate Lydie. Haha! After a few silly moments, we were camera ready.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I will have the intended article posted in a couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by NRJS, and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. Hahaha! I did indeed laugh, but in a good way because I can completely relate!
    Love that you shared this with us Mz. Supermodel ❤❤❤

  2. Laughing thinking about the geese. Lol. I think maybe it wanted to be in the shoot. Haha. As long as blogging is something you’re passionate about, it’ll always be fun 🙂 Thanx for sharing hun, loved this.

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