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In a world of chaos, sometimes it’s difficult to remember every detail of our lives. Whether you’re a professional blogger or blog as a hobby, balancing your social, work, and blogging life can be challenging. Below are a few tips that may help you blog at your pace.

Schedule: Editorial calendars have been suggested by many, but this tool deserves another spotlight. Keeping an editorial calendar can help you maintain a schedule. You can find a free calendar template online or just simply use a desk calendar to jot down your scheduled posts/photo shoots. I tend to use a template so I can make adjustments as needed (without a sea of crossed out words).

There may be times when you’re unable to be discipline. It’s okay! Things happen! But try to make an effort to stay on track if you want businesses and avid readers to take you seriously. I mean, you wouldn’t want your favorite weekly T.V. show to be aired at various times on different days every week, right? So try to apply the same stability to your platform.

Change is Good: When I first started NRJS, I felt pressured to blog every other day to keep up with others. I learned quickly that this schedule was not ideal for my lifestyle. If your current agenda conflicts with your social/work life, do not hesitate to change your schedule, especially if blogging is a hobby. So be consistent and post good content at a pace that suits you.

Let it Go: You may enjoy blogging, but unless this is your meal ticket, try not to consume most of your time behind the computer. It’s important to spend time with your family/friends, and make time for yourself. You’d be surprised how many ideas come to mind when you’re having fun.

Good Idea: As I’ve stated above, ideas can come when least expected. To minimize writer’s block, try keeping a pocket-size memo notebook near to jot down random ideas. Not a fan of writing the old-fashioned way? Just use your notes app on your phone.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week, and I thank you for making NRJS a part of your weekly read. See you next post!


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22 thoughts on “BLOG SESSION: Balance & Organization

    • @Naeun,
      Thank you doll! Yes, blogging can be a little challenging at times. Thank goodness we have such a supportive community. Hope you get the notebook! 😉 Have a great one! xx

    • @Vivian,
      Thank you dear! You should see my pile of paperwork. Ha! There are times when I use the notes app, but there’s something about writing things down. I guess it’s the writer in me. 😉 Have a great week! xoxo

  1. I totally know you mean about not spending too much time in front of the computer but really engage with those around you. I find talking to people in social settings also inspire me to write better as I learn about different topics from open exchange of thoughts and opinions. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  2. I normally post every third day, but I’ve been thinking how to make it possible once I’m back to school and work, since I will have a very busy semester, I now can accept thanks to your post that change is okay, and that setting a clear schedule can actually keep us both my blog and me healthy 🙂


  3. Great post and tips my dear! I think I need an editorial calendar asap! I use a Moleskine daily planner but now that the blog came along, this space is not enough. Its pages end up with dozens of post-its on top of the notes. I have a habit of making a list for every task. Can’t help it! 🙂 Really enjoyed reading!

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