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There are few events that will prevent you from wearing heels; particularly wine tastings. Typically, one would wear flats to such an occasion (assuming it’s an outdoor tasting), but you and I both know what I’d prefer to wear. Yep. Heels. Ha! Now, I won’t recommend wearing heels for fear of dirt and other elements ruining your shoes. However, if you’re unable to detach yourself from your most favored heels, opt for a thicker heel (wedge or mules) or bring flats for a backup plan.

Indoor tastings allow you to be more creative with your wardrobe, but comfort should still be a priority. Now, some may say wearing white is the ultimate no-no, but there’s always the backup plan (extra top in the car). Besides, I don’t like to waste wine. #NoSpilling. I will agree that fragrances should be kept to a minimum. Since part of wine tasting involves smell, it’s probably wise to tone it down a notch. Fragrances can interfere with your wine tasting experience. Opt for an Eau de Toilette versus Eau de Parfum, but still keep the scent light or go fragrance-free.

Whether it’s a formal wine tasting or a more casual setting, make sure your experience is memorable- in a good way.  As always, I appreciate the time you take out of your day for NRJS. Until next post!

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I’m wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans| Banana Republic Top| Express Scarf| Laila Rowe Hat


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24 thoughts on “WHERE R U GOING?| Wine Tasting

  1. Looking very chic there! Love the pairing you have going on! 🙂 And those heels are soooo fabulous too! I hope you had an awesome time at wine tasting! 🙂

    • @Vivian,
      Awww. Thank you my dear! What a way to start my week! Happy Monday to you as well! Yes, I love my backup plans. LOL. #BePrepared Hope you had a wonderful day! ❤ ❤

  2. I learn something new every time from you! I wear perfume on a regular basis and your post really makes me think twice about spraying that extra pump for wine tasting or any event where my senses could be possibly swayed by any add-ons. So thanks for sharing this! Happy weekend girl! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • @Lena,
      Awww. Thank you! I love wearing perfume daily, but I learned early on to tone it down when attending certain events. #LessonLearned Ha! Hope you had a great weekend love! xx

  3. Just wanted to tell you I’m really loving your blog! Discovered it yesterday and I’m hooked like no man’s business. Couldn’t wait for the kids to go to bed so I could sprint over here! Ha.
    Love from Ghana!

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