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How many times have you gone out on location and forgot that one thing? You know, your lipstick, sunglasses, etc. To set my mind at ease, I carry a special bag with items specifically for photo shoots. Much like a handbag, a photo shoot bag should have several essentials. See below.

Make-Up Kit– I rarely wear make-up, but this is good to bring for touch-ups during your session. I typically carry lipstick/lip gloss to ensure my lips are moisturized. Constantly licking my lips just makes them drier.

Mirror- If you don’t have the luxury of someone else taking your photos, keep a mirror handy for those “uh oh” moments. For instance, lipstick on your teeth, hair out of place, not-so-straight sunglasses, or that mysterious thing that flew on your shoulder.

Bottled Water/Snacks– It doesn’t hurt to bring bottled water, especially for outdoor photo shoots. Depending on the length of your session, and how invested you are, you may consider bringing a snack as well. Avoid foods that will cause your teeth to stain or ruin your clothes. I usually carry roasted almonds (sugar & salt-free) and fruit (Ex: banana).

Tissue– Spring is here and for us allergy sufferers, having tissues on hand is a must.

Eye Drops– If you tend to wear sunglasses, skip this tip. It’s a good idea to have eye drops to help minimize any signs of red eyes, especially if you did not get plenty of rest the night before. Again, allergy sufferers may need this product too!

Lotion/Aquaphor– Stay moisturized! Make a habit of moisturizing your skin (if you don’t already) a few days before the shoot. Focus on the areas that will be exposed to the camera.

Brush/Comb– Outdoor shoots can be very unpredictable. You never know where the wind will blow. Sometimes it works in your favor, and other times, not so much. In addition to the comb/brush, keep other hair products handy (bobby pins, hair band, etc.).

Shoes– If you’re wearing shoes that are comfortable, skip this tip. However, if you decide to wear heels for your photo shoot, this tip is for you. Assuming you’re shooting in a location far away from your home, it’s probably more ideal to bring a pair of comfortable shoes (flats, sneakers).

Music– I always say that music and fashion go hand in hand. You can more than likely find Rihanna’s “Phresh Out The Runway”, Madonna’s “Vogue”, and “Sun Models (featuring Madelyn Grant)” playing during my sessions. Noosa’s “Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)” has also made its way to my photo shoot playlist. So pull out that phone or any other musical device, and have fun!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! Thanks for stopping by NRJS, and I’ll see you next post!


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  1. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for sharing the tips! I always take my ‘longchamp travel bag’ along with me when we are planning to do some outdoor shoots 🙂 (I know, it might sound a bit exaggerated haha, but I really need my outdoor photoshoot essentials :p) Anyway, great post! Wish you a lovely day ahead 😉 xo Vivian

  2. The contents of the bag are so cute!!! Lipstick, music , hair brush and sunglasses are my MUST HAVES! So I am loving this post and the tips!! Not forgetting water! YES
    Wishing you an awesome day, xx

    • @Lena,
      Blotting paper is a good one! That’s also a must have! Yes, my lips are the most problematic area when taking photos. Lip balm/gloss…never leave home without it! LOL.

  3. I pretty much pack almost everything u said. I wear flats, bring water, makeup, mirror and a brush because when its windy, my weave be going with the wind. lol

    • @Pru,
      Thank you! Yes, I didn’t think about dry eyes. I usually just have issues with my allergies, but that would certainly be another reason to carry eye drops.

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