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A few years ago, an old friend had a gathering in his backyard with his family and friends. I remember the intensity I felt as all eyes were definitely on my heels. “Who wears heels to a BBQ, a whisper from the group?” My response to the question (the person thought I didn’t hear the snide remark), “I do! Ha!” After all, there’s no rule on what to wear at a BBQ.

What should I wear to (insert occasion here)? That’s a question friends/family have asked many of us. So I wanted to focus on outfits I would wear for certain events or when I’m on the go. Today it’s all about the BBQ. Oh, don’t worry! I always have a backup when I’m wearing white.

Since the weather can be tricky during holidays, I usually have layers (yes in the summer-Ha!) to prepare for a cool/hot day. If it’s unseasonably chilly, I’d wear a tank top, add a sheer blouse, and wrap a denim shirt around my waist. This gives me the option of wearing the shirt without the hassle of a jacket. If it’s warm during the day, but cool at night, then I’d just wear the tank top with the denim shirt around my waist.

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I’m wearingExpress Tank| Lucky Brand Top| Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans


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26 thoughts on “WHERE R U GOING?| BBQ

  1. Ooooh where are you going indeed! Those heeeeels, please lend me a pair! I LOVE THEM! I love this look on you! You look fabulous! Them white jeans!!!

  2. The shoes are LIFE! I love how it pulls together the entire look. Super cute outfit, especially for a BBQ!

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