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If a dog is considered man’s best friend, then for women, a handbag is the equivalent. For me, it’s also my survival kit. When you’re on the go daily, you need a few products to get you from work to dinner or the gym, school, audition, etc. That said, there are essentials that should be in a women’s bag at all times.

Fragrance: Whatever your signature scent is, make sure you have it near you when you’re on the go. My current favorite fragrances are Dolce & Gabbana’s Floral Drops & Dolce, but to keep your handbag light, opt for a travel size spray or a rollerball. This Dolce & Gabbana spray is the perfect scent for summer. A feminine mix of flowers creating a classic fragrance.

Deodorant: One thing’s for sure; this product has saved me many times over. I’m sure most of us have a morning routine before heading out to work/school. Now and then, something causes me to change my daily regimen. As a result, I forget to apply my antiperspirant (don’t judge me). Good thing I carry one at all times! Ha! You never know when you’re going to have an “off” day. So be prepared!

Sunglasses: If you’re an avid reader of NRJS, you’re aware of my fondness for sunglasses; another item that shouldn’t be left at home. Besides protecting your eyes from UV rays, you may need them to cover those tired eyes. You know, when you shouldn’t have stayed up so late the night before. Perhaps you just want to add a little mystery to your ensemble. Whatever the reason, it’s good to keep a pair near.

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  1. Great post! It would mean the world to me if you could answer the super short survey on my latest blog post – I’m starting a beauty storage business and I’d love feedback from other beauty lovers!
    Emma xxx

  2. You are so right, you have to have your signature scent with you at all times. I am still looking for mine. I’m looking for the perfect mix of light and fruity. Hopefully I will find it soon. Great post girl.

    K / The House of KTS (formerly Pure & Complex)

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