EDITOR’S PICK: Ramona Crisstea

Ramona 1
Photo Source: Ramona Crisstea

Simplicity at its best. That’s the thought that crossed my mind when I came across Ramona’s (of Ramona Crisstrea) post. This beautiful Romanian style blogger has a way of balancing elegance and edge. Whether she’s wrapped up in style during the colder seasons, or gracing us with her classy presence, Ramona will definitely command your attention with her style.

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Ramona 2
Photo Source: Ramona Crisstea
Ramona 3
Photo Source: Ramona Crisstea
Ramona 4
Photo Source: Ramona Crisstea


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11 thoughts on “EDITOR’S PICK: Ramona Crisstea

  1. I bumped onto her blog before, my goodness I was blown away! She´s very modest and very elegant! I love her style a lot, theatrical too which suits her fantastically.
    dropping by to leave you my daily love,
    have an awesome week, xx
    Dana – http://booquepress.com

  2. Thank you very much Abrielle and everyone for such a positive feedback! I am so glad that you enjoy my content and I really appreciate Abrielle for everything!
    I wish you all good luck!
    Kisses, R

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