BLOG SESSION: Blog Layout (Part 1)

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Blog Name: Before you start a blog, be sure to do some research online. Creating a blog is one of the most important tasks in the blogging world, but equally important is being able to match the name of your blog to your social media platforms. This may take some time, but it will benefit you in the end. So come up with a name and check to see if that name already exists as a website, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Lock that name in as soon as possible; even if you don’t have any content to post.

About Page: Once you’ve started your new blog and opened new accounts with Instagram (among other platforms), you can begin focusing on the purpose of the blog. However,  you’ll probably want to have some idea of what your website represents before starting the blog. The layout of your blog will help you determine the flow of your platform.

Categories: You have your new blog; you know what it’s about, now what? Time to add a few categories! In my opinion, fewer categories will allow your platform to have a clean structure. Adding numerous categories may be overwhelming to some visitors. Three to eight categories should suffice. If you need more than eight categories, adding drop down subcategories (as seen here) can also help streamline your content.

When selecting categories, try to think of the visitor. What would be the simplest way to categorize my content? Are the categories self-explanatory? Is this category too narrow or too vague? Is the category name a subcategory or a primary category? Having fewer categories may persuade visitors to click on one of them as opposed to selecting from a plethora of categories. If you’re concerned about altering the post URL by changing a category in the future, you may want to strategize the structure prior to launching your blog.

Social Media: This step is a given. A good way to connect with your audience is through social media. Though it may seem ineffective for some people, it’s still a great way to (1) attract readers who are unaware of your blog and (2) secure the name of your blog.

I hope everyone has a great start to their week, and as always, thanks for stopping by NRJS. See you next post!


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  1. Love this post!! More people should read this because it’s full of some really good tips. Hats off to WordPress too for making creating a blog so easy too!

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