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When the seasons change, our wardrobe usually follows. But why should we let the weather, particularly the colder seasons, suffocate our style? With a little creativity, certain pieces in our closet can be worn throughout the year. Whether the temperature drops or rises, the items below will keep you prepared all year ‘round.

White Shirt: I think it’s safe to say that a crisp white shirt is the perfect staple piece that never gets old. Wear the shirt on its own during the spring/summer season or add a blazer or vest during the fall/winter season. You can also do the laid back preppy look by wearing the white shirt underneath a sweater.

Graphic Tee: The graphic tee is probably the most sought after “go to” staple for a casual, yet chic look. Similar to the white shirt, graphic tees can stand alone. Pair the graphic tee with a blazer or faux fur jacket when the temperature drops. If you want to feel a little more girly, pair the tee with a midi skirt, add a long coat, and voilà! Want to make a statement during the warmer weather? Pair the tee with a sequin skirt and ditch the heels for sneakers.

Jeans: You can’t go wrong with jeans- any time of the year. Whether you dress it up or down, jeans will forever be the most popular item in any closet during any season. I’m sure most of us have done the tee-blazer-jeans look. But pairing jeans with a denim shirt and leather jacket is an alternative that I gravitate toward, especially during the colder seasons.

Tank Top: Yes, tank tops can be worn underneath sweaters when it’s cold, and can be worn alone with a pair of jeans or cargo pant during spring/summer. But you can also have an excuse to showcase a sequin or embellished tank top during the winter holidays.

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