EDITOR’S PICK: Style by Jules (Jules)

Style By Jules

All Images via Style By Jules

As usual, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiring style bloggers. I came across Jules’ blog, Style by Jules, and was immediately impressed with her inspirational posts (seen here). In addition to fashion, Jules also has a great eye for interior pieces.

Has Jules won you over? You can stay connected with her via Bloglovin’, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Until next post!

Style By Jules 2

Style By Jules 3

Style By Jules 4


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6 thoughts on “EDITOR’S PICK: Style by Jules (Jules)

  1. Hi, hope all is well with you! I’m so sorry for being m.i.a. lately! My friend got married last week and we were all so busy with the wedding preparations..but I’ll post something tomorrow, I promise 🙂 As usual, such a wonderful post! Jules has a great sense of style! Will definitely check out her blog soon:) Thanks for sharing babe and have a great day 🙂 xo Vivian


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