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Contact Me: There had been times when I wanted to reach out to a blogger, but there was no way to communicate with the blogger privately. Sometimes leaving a comment on a post is not the appropriate form of communication. There may be times when other bloggers or businesses would like to contact you. Even if you’re not looking for collaborations or business inquiries, you may miss out on opportunities you never anticipated. Maybe you didn’t get around to it, or it’s just not that big of a deal. Either way, why not add a contact form to your blog?

If you’re unable to include a contact form, find another way individuals can contact you directly. For instance, you can have individuals send a direct message on your Twitter page. If Twitter is not an option, have your email address visible on your blog or other social media platforms.

Schedule: Scheduling posts ahead of time can alleviate some of the stress in our hectic lives. If you don’t have the luxury of completing a post the day before it’s published, work on multiple posts at the same time (in advance). I usually have several articles completed two weeks ahead of time. If this schedule is not feasible, try one week ahead of the published date. Choose a specific day to dedicate your time for editing, writing, etc. For instance, Saturday or Sunday may be a day for you to get everything set up for the upcoming week.

If you’re unable to set aside an entire day, choose a specific time each day throughout the week. For instance, maybe you’re able to work on your post(s) 1 hour each day. Bottom line, create a schedule that works for your lifestyle and stick with it.

Give Credit: Using images on your blog that belongs to another individual should be linked back to the source. Imagine writing a dissertation and someone else taking credit for it. Not a good feeling, right? So why take credit for someone else’s creativity? Some bloggers allow their images to be used as long as you link the image back to their website. However, other bloggers may require permission. In this case, contact the image owner to avoid any violations of copyright laws.

The same rule applies when using an individual’s content. Plagiarizing is also an issue in the world of blogging. Stealing someone else’s work is not a form of flattery; it’s unethical. So do the research but add your spin on the topic of interest. In some cases, it may be wise to site your source(s). Source: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress by Susan Gunelius

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