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I few months ago, I discussed minimalism. Now I would like to focus on getting the most out of your wardrobe. Interchanging pieces in your closet is the simplest way to expand your wardrobe. I can’t tell you how many times I bought a dress and failed to save it from “closet fever”. To avoid my dress from collecting dust, I started shopping out of my closet. I thought, why not wear my dress as a skirt? Although this idea is nothing new, apparently I did not entertain the thought until now. Ha!

So you’re in the closet, what’s your next move? Grab the dress of your choice and start styling. Add a top, belt, shoes, a few accessories, and you’re ready to go. If your dress is fun and flirty (ex: feathers, structured), a fitted top can be more flattering. Adding a belt will accentuate your waist. Creating an A-line shape will draw attention to your waist and highlight an hourglass figure. If the dress hugs your body, a loose fitting top is more ideal; for instance, wearing a chunky knit sweater over a form-fitting dress. However, if you want the laid-back chic look, pairing a loose fitting dress with a chunky knit sweater can be just as stylish. Just be sure the look flatters your body.

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Skirt 2Skirt 1I’m wearing: VS Coat| Banana Republic Jacket| A&F Top| Banana Republic Dress


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38 thoughts on “FROM DRESS TO SKIRT

  1. Looking beautiful as always!!
    And yes, like you, I knew about this but haven’t done it either.
    So next time i’m freaking out about what to wear, I’ll imagine I’m you and hope I come out looking half as composed as you do here.

  2. You look so hot! I love the pink coat oh what a darling piece! Yes the look of styling a shirt over a dress is so popular right now and I’m happy to learn the different types of styling like a fitted top to a fun and flirty skirt! Hope you have an amazing day dear! 🙂 xo~ Lena

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