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Mixing textures can create multiple wardrobe possibilities, not to mention adding depth to your outfit. Pairing two pieces of opposite fabrics can also make your outfit more interesting, especially when the textures create a balanced look. The key word is opposite, so if you’re wearing an article of clothing that is tough, pairing it with a softer piece is more ideal. For instance, pairing sequin with a fluffy top or pairing leather with faux fur.

Although mixing soft and tough pieces is the “rule” for pairing textures, you know my motto; no rule, just style. Find the textures that work for you, and have fun marrying them. By the way, I wanted to take these pictures outside, unfortunately, it was raining too hard, and my photographer will be away for a month.

As always, I appreciate your time, and I’ll see you next post!

Mixing Textures 2 Mix 4 Mixing Textures 4I’m wearing: Michael Kors Coat| A&F Top| Express Skirt


Abrielle No Rule Just Style.jpg


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  1. Mmmm Mmmm!! I could pick you out of a crowd from just your legs alone! They are awesome! I am so with you on contrasting ones look and as a result, you look incredible!

  2. Gosh this outfit is toooo awesome!! Love the sparkles on your skirt! Such a great compliment to the classic camel coat!

  3. LOVE the skirt! What made you go for the tan MK jacket? Daring – and you pulled it off. Awesome.

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