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As a child, I always wanted to go against the grain. If you went west, I wanted to go east. If your answer was no, my response was yes. Ha! I remember wearing sweatpants with heels my second year at a traditional college. The confused stares assured me that I was doing everything wrong in the eyes of everyone else, which means it was right for me. Like Rihanna (the queen of breaking fashion “rules”), if you love what you’re wearing, nothing else matters.

Mixing glamour and sports is like breathing, at least for me. Does it defeat the purpose of being comfortable? It depends on who you ask. Ha! I prefer laid back looks with a twist. Keeping my look simple with black and gray, I added a little sparkle and paired it with statement shoes. The sporty-glam look may not work for everyone, but it takes a particular woman to leave her home with an I-don’t-care-what-anyone-thinks attitude.

Once again, thank you for taking time out of your day. Until next post!

sporty 4I’m wearing: Express Jacket| Express Top| Victoria’s Secret Sweatpants


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31 thoughts on “SPORTY ELEGANCE

  1. Yes! I’m am here for this post! Literally, I was just telling my biggies last night that my next look would be heels and sweats because this weather is starting to act up. You look marvelous in this combination because you are that ‘certain woman’. 😊❤❤

    • @Dana,
      Thank you my darling! Yes, this back and forth weather has my closet confused. LOL. Can’t wait to see you rock that! And my dear, you ARE that woman as well. ❤ ❤


    Just enough texture and pattern mixed with black! A great way to balance casual and dinner. Very stylish!

    Those heels are my FAV!

  3. Loving that sequins top and shoes!! I love the jogging pant and heel look as well. Good for you for always doing the opposite, who wants to be the norm all the time anyway?!?

  4. YES! You are working the sportyness out of this outfit! I wish I could pull off sequins! 😦 You look absolutely fab, I´m wanting your look but will sequins want me. 😮 Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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