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Having too much to choose from can be overwhelming at times. Waking up to a closet filled with articles of clothing and having “nothing to wear” was a problem for me. But over the years I’ve learned to purchase clothing that I truly love and consider multi-functional. When you stock your closet with pieces that are classic versus trendy, you will have less desire to add to it. Incorporating staple pieces does not mean you’ll never go shopping again, but your wardrobe will have more quality versus quantity; a cliché statement, but so true. So let’s get rid of that clutter! See below:

Color Scheme- Before you dismantle your wardrobe, figure out your desired color scheme. I used to have every color of the 48-count Crayola box in my closet and only wore the colors equivalent to the 16-count Crayola box. A minimalist would typically have less than 16 colors, but I’m not quite fully converted. Ha! Although black is the color chosen by some minimalists, adding 2 or 3 complimentary colors couldn’t hurt; for example, camel, black, & white or black, white, & gray. If you prefer a pop of color, maybe black, white, and royal blue is more suitable (or any color of your choice).

Just Let Go- Purge out pieces that you haven’t worn in a while; typically a year. On the off chance that you “might” wear a staple piece within the following year, you may want to hang on to it; however, don’t get carried away. Remember, the main goal is to restructure your wardrobe; removing items to make your closet more functional.

Be of Goodwill – Assuming the items you’re purging is intact, donate to a thrift store/boutique or sell the pieces via online/yard sale. What better way to either 1.) earn cash and 2.) do a good deed. What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; another cliché remark, but once again, so true.

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  1. I have slowly become a purger. Emphasis on the word slowly. I also have noticed a color trend. My base pieces and colors to be black and/or grey. My accents tend to be red, blue or yellow. So I guess my color wheel is basic and primary…lol!

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